Played once or twice before and caught the bug? You're in the right place. 


Speedball Sundays is a community led paintball event geared towards growing participation and awareness of paintball as a sport in Tasmania.

Speedball Sundays will be held at Hobart Paintball on the 4th Sunday of each month, pending availability. 

All people are welcome to come along, see what it's about and have a go. Speedball Sundays is a ticketed event with a maximum participation of 16 people per Sunday. 

Speedball Sundays will run with NXL rules, playing mostly games/points and also running some drills and skill development.

You can participate in as many or as little Speedball Sundays as you'd like.

All we ask is: if you want to come, buy a field entry ticket. If you buy a field entry ticket, you come. 

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